Welly Loves… Willan’s

Probably the tastiest sausage roll in the world.

David Willan's Fabulous Sausage Rolls

This morning I dropped off my neighbours at Oxenholme Station and popped into David Willan’s shop next door.  Our window cleaner and one-man wikipedia of Kendal, Mr Sean Lee had told me how amazing his pies were, so having canned the lunchtime gym sesh I decided to indulge in a savoury treat.  Given a choice of sinful bakery fare, I will always plump for a sausage roll.  It is worth noting however, that it would take a hangover in its extreme form for me to choose just any old sausage roll (I’m talking the greasy, soggy fat rolls you can purchase from the well-known high street brand loosely described as a ‘bakery’).

On first impression the Willan’s banger looked delicious – a decent size, with a non-soggy crispy puff pastry exterior.  So I snaffled up a sausage roll together with a loaf of bread and made my way back to the car with the intention of saving it until I got home.  But the enticing smell emanating from the foil-lined bag was too much to bear and I took a bite – OMG, it was divine!  Full of good quality succulent pork sausage meat combined with just the right amount of herbs and seasoning and encased in a wonderfully rich all-butter puff pastry casing that made enough mess on my lap to prove it’s non-soggy worth… this truly was the King of all sausage rolls.

So if you’re passing through Kendal and feeling peckish or planning a train journey from Oxenholme Station, hold on to your hunger and treat yourself to a tantalising sausage roll from David Willan’s.  I may now have to return and start sampling the pies – this could play havoc with the waistline…

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