Welly Loves… Skinny Prosecco

Ooh, when something as fabulous as this drops on your Welly doorstep, you can’t resist but  pop the cork asap and reach for a glass.  Skinny Prosecco?  Make it a couple then; I’m slimming… *winks suggestively*.

Seriously though, this has got to be a revolution in the sought-after alcohol/diet yo-yo lifestyle combo we’re all seeking, has it not?  Produced by en vogue drinks merch Thomson & Scott, this diet ‘aid’ boasts only 7 grams of sugar per litre – a reduction of at least 30% when compared to standard bottles of fizz.

Brought up as a vegetarian on a no-sugar diet by her health-conscious mother, founder Amanda Thomson wanted to put her love of vino – and a Diploma in Wine from Le Cordon Bleu  in Paris – to good use by seeking a healthier, alternative version of fizzy plonk (sigh, don’t we all love).

And ta-dah! Here you have it.  This very quaffable Prosecco is produced from grapes grown on the south facing slopes in the foothills of the Dolomites, close to Soligo in North East Italy.  Light and delicious it’s perfect for a mid-week drinky-poos.  One felt positively saintly sipping on a pre-dinner glass this eve.  Certified organic and 100% vegan, I almost felt that I was back in London…  At £18 a bottle it’s not cheap mind, but neither is the uphill climb to beach body perfection.

As Selfridges just isn’t an option for us Cumbrian-dwellers, thank goodness for Tinterweb.  Beware however – you only qualify** for free postage (£5,95) if you buy over 12 bottles, but hey, you can mix them up with a selection of their (even pricier) Skinny Champers at *coughs* £50 and £55 respectively for the Brut and Rosé.

For now however, I think I’ll just reach for another sin-free glass of fizz… well it would be rude not to. (Perky) bottoms up Welly pals!

**Unless of course you’re a dedicated follower of Wellies… and you get FREE delivery on any single bottle you buy (Skinny Prosecco or Champagne) by just popping in the following code: SK1NNYW3LLY at the Thomson & Scott check-out. Fabulous dahlings!


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