Welly Loves… Silver & Green Olives

Authentic olives and antipasti from... Cumbria!

Silver & Green

One word to describe Silver & Green’s super fat green olives – YUMMY!

Dan and Rachel established so-called Olive Towers in Penrith 12 months ago – they couldn’t get much further from their Mediterranean import if they tried (well our friends over the border of course but that’s not Cumbria so doesn’t count…).  After many a summer holiday on the beaches of Greece and Spain, the couple decided that it was about time somebody brought the antipasti ray of sunshine to chilly Cumbria and so, Silver & Green was born.

Importing olives and other Mediterranean appetizers from exotic climes was not only pretty authentic but also very tasty as I soon found out when a bumper pack of their finest olives landed at my door.  Sourcing their olives from Greece, Dan and Rachel ensure that only naturally ripened and traditionally-farmed olives (aka hand-picked) are imported to their base in Flusco.  The olives are cured in a sea-salt brine before setting off on their journey north so there’s no scary chemicals and pasteurization.  On arrival the olives are washed in pure Lakeland water and then marinated in the array of authentic flavours which give them that special Silver & Green taste.  Beautifully fresh and healthy, try them in a variety of flavours from Sweet Basil to zingy Piri Piri.  Sold nationwide,  for Cumbria dwellers find them at Carrock Meats, Dalston, Cartmel Cheeses, Churchmouse Cheeses, Barbon and Cocklakes Farm Shop in Troutbeck.

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