We’re Jammin’ with Sarah Smith

Delicious chutneys and boozy marmalades from Appleby's Made By Sarah.


Made By Sarah

Remember the Low Howgill marmalade sausages I swooned over last week? Well, the key ingredient was in fact the delicious home-made orange marmalade by local Appleby resident Sarah Smith.

Simply branding her own home-made jams and chutneys as ‘Made by Sarah’, from one Sarah to another, I love both the yummy contents and personally, the name… of course 😉

Sarah started making these gorgeous condiments a couple of years ago when cooking wholesome, home-made food for her young son.  How to ruin a hearty chicken pie?  Well chuck a shop-bought relish or tommy-k on the side of course…  In stark contrast, Sarah’s relishes and jams contain zero additives or preservatives.  In fact, the potency of zingy tomatoes and paprika in her own unique tomato sauce means that there is no need for any nasties or vinegary over-kill.

When it comes to jams and sweet spreads, Sarah uses boozy ingredients to pep up the taste and of course create a natural preservative.  Why not breakfast in style with a snifter of strawberry and champagne jam on your morning croissant or spread the zingy alternative, lemon and gin marmalade on your sourdough slice? Well, it would be rude not to…

Champagne Jam

Sarah’s jams have been steadily growing in popularity due to their unique tastes and natural ingredients.  She now supplies to Tebay Services, and a number of high-end delis throughout the county including Carlton Hall Farm Shop, JJ Graham’s in Penrith and of course the fabulous Low Howgill Butchers & Deli in Appleby.  Alternatively you can purchase her delicious jams and relishes online at www.madebysarah.co.uk.

I’d like to fill my cupboard with every one but if I’m going to be picky, here’s my fave four I recommend you try:

Pear, date & cinnamon chutney – divine with after-dinner cheese.

Lemon & Gin marmalade – with a splash of Tanqueray, this is no ordinary marmalade and a most tasty and entirely reasonable way for the lady of the house to start her day…

Spiced plum & port jam – this punchy chutney is the perfect cohesion of Dads-plus-Christmas with a bit of blue… just prior to his mandatory post-festive snooze…

Pineapple & chilli relish – Sweet and HOT, this chilli goes well with white meat and fish.  I tried it as an addition to Mexican fajitas and it was delicious.  Who would have thought the mighty pineapple would combine so well with chilli – yum!

Made By Sarah


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