Welly Loves… Langtons Gin

There’s a lot of water in Cumbria (in case you hadn’t noticed).  Throughout the winter and into early summer, it can bucket it down for days; becks swell and water tumbles down the fells in abundance.  With it comes that greenish hue that covers walls and patios in a pervasive, murky emerald glaze…

But this is Cumbria folks and from our greeny waters come some things bright and beautiful… including gin – Langtons Gin to be precise.  When Nick Dymoke-Marr discovered an ancient aquifer deep underground on land belonging to a friend of his near Keswick, he decided to explore further.  After drilling 350 feet down, analysis of this precious water showed an exceptional purity rarely found and, yup you guessed it – perfect for distillation.  Thus began Nick’s gin journey, creating his own unique botanical recipe from a range of herbs and spices including exotic infusions of Amalfi lemons and Seville oranges.  Crystal clear, Langtons has an exceptionally pure taste and in my opinion should only be drunk in double measure (who does singles anyway?)

Its distinctive bottle cleverly reinforces this purity.  Coloured to highlight the myriad of greeny-grey shades reflected off the fellside slate and rock, the glass is creatively textured to represent our unique Lakeland landscape – it’s truly a work of art.

This gin not only tastes good but looks good too and where better place to take a photo of my bottle but on the sodden, verdant step outside my front door…

For cocktail recipes, stockists and further info visit langtonsgin.co.uk

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