Welly Loves… Lakeland’s Buttermere Hamper

Posh Cumbrian gift nosh for Uncle Bob and Auntie Lou...


It’s that time of year again. With Bonfire Night behind us, it’s now just a skip, hop and a jump away to Christmas and as your great Aunty once said – it’ll be here before you know it! (and she said that in August…).

So, although we’ve not yet been bombarded by whatever mini movie the John Lewis ad execs have up their sleeves, before those multi-million pound shopping campaigns begin, the Welly Guide is here to help ease you into the retail season with gentle guidance.

Super home-grown Cumbrian brand Lakeland has already got that non-Cumbrian family member gift box well and truly ticked with the predictable (but thoughtful) choice of wholesome local fare.

It’s going to be a tough one to beat Lakeland’s double whammy choice of bumper hampers when it comes to the local-produce-as-gifts variety. Choose from the aptly-named Grasmere or Buttermere Hampers priced at £59.99 and £49.99 respectively. Each one packs a Lakeland punch in local foodie fare, shouting Cumbriaaaa proudly from the rafters!!


Here at Welly HQ we opted for the Buttermere version to prod and test. As neither contained booze we thought the cheapest one a good all-rounder in the Christmas Hamper stakes.

A foodie treat, the Buttermere Hamper will please your sweet-toothed Uncle Bob with its fine selection of Country Fare Sticky Toffee Cake, Romney’s Triple Mint Cake Pack, Lakeland Maid Shortbread, Ultimate Plum pudding and Romney’s Brandy Fudge, not too mention Cumbria’s own home-made Mawson’s Cola Cordial. Complete with a savoury nod to Starly’s Cumberland Curry Spice Mix and Cumbrian Delights Staveley Relishes, this hamper is a good all-rounder foodie gift that’s perfect for the hard-to-buy-for Aunty Lou….

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