Welly Loves… Lakeland Mues

Lakeland Mues CumbriaI first met the Mues brothers – aka Tim and Luke – at Taste Cumbria’s Cockermouth fest.  Here are two guys creating their own brand of truly delicious muesli right here in the Lake District.  Packed full of wholesome goodness, Lakeland Mues creates a variety of different types of all-natural muesli.

I tried their original Artman Classic with a smattering of blueberries and a splash of skimmed milk.  Unlike the shop-bought varieties which lean heavily on cheap oats as the staple ingredient, the Artman Classic was full to bursting with a variety of seeds and nuts.  With no added sugar and a generous portion of almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds this breakfast is certainly worth the extra money.

At around £6 a 500g bag, you might be paying a little over the odds but it’s worth it when you survey the contents of your breakfast bowl.  Choose between the Artman Classic, Tropical Medley and the all-new Total Nutter at www.lakelandmues.co.uk

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