Welly Loves… Hawkshead Relish Curry

The curry secret is out.

Okay folks – you’ll all have (hopefully) read my recent review of the fabulous Hawkshead Relish Company.  Well, as you can imagine I left little ole Hawkshead with quite a goodie bag of scrummy relishey pickles (and gin – but that’s well gone now obvs).  Before I left the shop, Maria made sure that I had plenty of her Hot Garlic Pickle to take away with me, given that she had just revealed her ‘secret’ curry recipe and I was eager to try it out that evening.

I do not profess to be the world’s greatest cook and given half the chance I’m more than happy to resort to something shop-bought but relatively healthy.  When Maria gave me her seriously tasty recipe for an easy mid-week curry dish using her gorgeous Hot Garlic Pickle (with absolutely no preservatives, nasty additives), I was certainly going to try it out.  She had opened up a jar whilst we were chatting and it was jam-packed full of whole garlic cloves.  No chopped up garlic or half-assed flavouring here.  This jar had so much garlic in it, there was no chance of any scary vampires coming near me for the next few days.

I had some fresh chicken breasts already in the fridge together with a healthy coriander plant on my window sill that, knowing my track record would have otherwise been left to wilt (I think I bought it to make guacamole).

Anyway, without further a-do, here is your Welly Recipe courtesy of the Hawkshead Relish Company and their mighty fine Hot Garlic Pickle…

Chop and fry a couple of onions and then chuck in a jar of said pickle (I threw in two cos that’s the way I roll).

Probably too much of a close-up but I’m trying to avoid the unsightly pan splatters that are so not Nigella.

Next, add some chopped chicken (or lamb… or beef… or even PRAWNS YEAH!!).

Okay, I’m not Nigella but hey I bet she doesn’t use a white pan…. Make sure the chicken is completely coated in the sauce and cooked on the outside.  Then add a couple of tins of chopped tomatoes together with 300ml of water, cover and leave to simmer for 15 to 20 minutes.  Not that long if erm, you’re cooking with prawns.  In fact if you’re using cooked prawns, I would put them in last thing so they don’t go chewy but make sure they’re heated through (that’s my disclaimer for any food poisoning claims against me – why did I even bring prawns into this?).

Add in some chopped coriander.  I actually put my coriander in with the chopped tomatoes but that’s because I always end up throwing in some stalks and they need to cook through but I think most ‘proper’ cooks stir in the coriander right at the end.

Serve up with rice or naan bread and you have my own beautifully-photographed (if I do say so myself) curry below, which quite frankly tasted bloody gorgeous.

Being married to a ‘busy’ Editor means that Mr Welly is often much-maligned and rarely comes home from work to a hot, home-cooked dinner on the table.  So maybe it was the surprise combination of being offered a decent meal by negligent wifey together with the utterly delicious curry result from a jar of Hot Garlic Pickle that made him solemnly declare this to be “The Best Curry I Have Ever Eaten”.

Looks like I’ll be hot-footing it over to Low Sizergh Barn in Kendal for more of the same then 😉

So, even if you’re the most fabulous cook ever who wouldn’t dream of emptying a jar of splat into your pan, before you chastise my general slummy approach to domestic home-keeping, try it –  cheaper than a take-away and far more healthy you might have one very happy husband, wife, partner etc etc 🙂

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