Secret Santa: A Brewery Christmas Tale

Magical, festive entertainment for all the family.

It’s Christmas Eve and what better way to whip yourself and the kids into a festive frenzy than a trip to the Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal to watch their annual Chrimbo kids production.  In conjunction with Elite Productions, this year the theatre presented ‘Secret Santa’, a modern-day tale filled with festive magic and childhood imagination.

Eight year old Holly lives in Kendal and the play continually focuses on all that is Kendal-based – creating a wonderful personal connection with the young audience which might make even the most hardened non-believer question their Santa faith 😉

Suspecting that the kind but mysterious old man next door is in fact Father Christmas,  the two become friends but not before disaster strikes.  Sausage, his pet pig is wrongly administered the crucial magic dust intended for the reindeers and before you know it Christmas teeters on the brink of cancellation with both Holly and Father Christmas embroiled in a mission to save the day.

A lively and fun tale, Secret Santa was a fantastic, light-hearted way to get all the family in the mood for Christmas.  The props were basic but the overall production and acting was excellent and most-importantly the audience loved it.  The theatre was filled to the rafters with excitable kids (and adults!) who enthusiastically joined in at the right bits, singing along to songs that were still playing over in our heads long after we had left…

At just over an hour long, we went to the 11am showing which meant we had the rest of the day to finish last-minute Christmas shopping – perfect timing for restless kids and parents keen to crack on with the day.   A definite Christmas ‘must’ for all the family – we’ll all be going again next year for sure and if it’s a repeat of the same at least I’ll know the words!

Good for: Kids of course, old and young.

Not for:  Christmas-haters and serious theatre buffs…

£££: At £12 for adults and £10 for kids, this isn’t a cheap theatre outing, particularly as it is just an hour long.  But what kids will sit still for longer and more importantly how much Sausage-piglet singing can Mum and Dad take in one sitting?!!

The Brewery Arts Centre, 122a Highgate, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 4HE

Box Office: 01539 725133

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