Cosy Christmas Trees

A Nordic winter wonderland in the heart of Ings.


Nature lovers and yogis the world over have long revered the principles of health and happiness in connection with the great outdoors. The reassuringly tactile forms of wood and stone are nature’s most effective stress-relievers. If ever proof was needed that wood in its most natural, raw state could instil a sense of happiness and pleasure… then er, you just simply need to pay a visit to the cheery folks at Cosy Logs…!

The Buckleys run a second generational family business just outside Staveley near Ings on the A591 trunk road through the Lakes.  Regarded by their many customers as the friendliest and most efficient provider of quality kiln-dried logs, it was a pleasure to meet this welcoming family last Saturday and suss out their infamous Christmas trees.

Cosy Logs

The sale of Cosy Logs’ Christmas trees has now become a regular feature in South Lakeland.  If you’re looking for a real tree, chances are that someone local will point you in the direction of Ings.  Clearly signposted and easy to find, the local Constabulary has even gone to great lengths to ensure that folk are legally obliged to slow down so as not to miss the turn-off 😉

Cosy Logs

Patriarch, Everley Buckley has been selling trees at his farm here since 1986.  Sourced from the whopping 93 acres they farm in the area and various locations around Cumbria, Everley, son Nick and wife Clare sell over 800 Nordmann speciality non-drop trees every year.  But it’s not just about getting any old Christmas tree – the whole ‘shopping’ experience is just so wholesome.

You have to drive over potholes through the farm to get to the Christmas tree barn.  Unlike the glitzy purveyor of garden trees further up the road in Ambleside, this is no over-priced garden centre.  And aside from the divine Nordic smell of pine needles on entering this huge arboretum, if you needed yet more authenticity, the family introduce me to Belle their beautiful reindeer.  A definitive crowd-pleaser, Belle is the family pet, living all year round in the fields nearby and earning her keep come 1st December.


I’m gifted a tree (well there has to be some perks!) and I ask the family if I can take a picture of them with it so I can post the before and after-dressed piccies to my Readers.  Everley Buckley must have seen more Christmas trees than he’s had Christmas dinners so you’d accept if he looked more than a little tired of festive frivolities.  But as soon as I whip out my phone, he dashes over to don his Christmas-themed jumper and elf hat.

Cosy Logs

There’s time for a quick shot before more customers arrive and before you know it, my tree has been expertly bagged and ‘popped’ in my car by strong-man Nick.

Nick Buckley

I return home with my tree still in one piece; Mr Welly breathes a sigh of relief that I have heeded the experience of over-estimating last year’s tree to room height ratio (the chain saw had to come out and poor Mr Christmas tree didn’t fare too well…) Tree in situ, I unpack the decs and lights and dress our beautiful, Cosy Logs tree.

So what do you think Welly Readers?


Beautifully proportioned and luscious green…

treeLights… Camera… Action!

my Tree!

Even the Welly dog is impressed! (although an angel to us, our resident King Charles Spaniel was most certainly too weighty for the top of the tree…)


For more information on Cosy Logs trees or kiln-dried wood, contact Clare or Nick:

Cosy Logs, Mill View Barn, Ings, Kendal LA8 9QQ T:  07887 409829

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