Coffee: What’s in season now?

Welly's coffee expert, Gareth Kemble of Carvetti Coffee, talks seasonality.

Carvetti Coffee Cumbria

We’ve become so used to coffee being a standard grocery item that it’s easy to forget this packaged product once grew on a plant and is subject to the same seasonal variations as other crops. Take asparagus for example. We’re used to eating asparagus pretty much all year round but in the UK it has a very definite harvesting season (April to June in case you were wondering). Any UK asparagus purchased at this time is going to taste much better and I for one notice a distinct lack of bitterness than if bought during the winter months. In Australia the asparagus season is September through to March as this coincides with their spring.

Carvetti Coffee Cumbria

Similarly, different countries will harvest their coffees at different times of the year, usually determined by the start of the rainy season (the rains cause the plants to bloom, which eventually creates the fruit). A coffee from Brazil will typically be harvested between May and August, while the harvest season for a Kenyan coffee will typically be February to April. The freshness of the green coffee beans is closely linked to the quality of a cup of coffee so drinking coffee in season is one of the best ways to improve your drinking experience.

Carvetti Coffe, Cumbria

At this time of year we can thoroughly recommend coffees from Kenya.  Although the harvest season ended back in April, there is much that needs to happen to a coffee before it arrives in the UK, so Kenyan coffees are currently tasting wonderful. We currently have a Kenyan called Mutungati, with the name referring to the factory (or mill) where the coffee was processed. This coffee is all about the fruit and the sweetness – there’s a red grape acidity, and the coffee cools to sweet flavours of passion fruit. While it might sound a little different to your normal brew, this coffee is a great example of the diverse range of flavours available and we’d love you to try it!

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